How the Internet of Things is reshaping the World

How the Internet of Things is reshaping the World?✏️✏️

✏️The Internet of things (IoT) is relatively a new concept which is slowly but surely making a place for itself in the business world. The Internet of Things is changing everything specifically in the workplace. There is no sign of IoT slowing down and if things remain the same for a few years, IoT may become the most important thing for businesses in the future.

# What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?
✏️ It refers to a system of devices connected to the web and to each other such as coffee makers, light switches, fridges, garage doors, wearable devices, tablets, smartphones, headphones, washing machines, etc.

For example:

You can operate Smart toasters from your mobile phone with fine-tuning features for the perfect toast; central heating that can be turned on from the comfort of your car on your drive home from work.

# How IoT Will Change Businesses in The Future?
✏️ By 2020 it is predicted that there will more than 25 billion web-connected devices. And, this is just a conservative estimate. Some experts even believe the number could be as high as 100 billion. If it is 25 billion or 100 billion, the number of devices that’ll be connected to the web by 2020 is significant enough for everyone to consider the impact IoT will have on businesses in the future.

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